Grav Upright Bubbler in Black
Grav Upright Bubbler
Grav Upright Bubbler
Grav Upright Bubbler
Grav Upright Bubbler
Grav Upright Bubbler Lighter for scale
Grav Labs

Mini Upright Bubbler


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This modern-looking Grav Labs Mini Bubbler is a well-designed, upright bubbler. Branded with the Grav Labs logo along the main chamber, this mini glass bubbler is guaranteed to perform with amazing function.

Rather than having a joint for a bowl to fit into, the dry herb bowl is built into this piece for convenience. This built-in bowl is directly connected to the fixed downstem. As you are using this Grav Labs Mini Bubbler, the smoke travels from the recessed bowl and into the diffused downstem.

The holes of the diffused downstem are small in diameter, so the bubbles can diffuse with a smaller surface area. This engineering allows the bubbles to filter at a faster rate. So, your smoke will be cleaner and cooler than ever!

Grav Labs is consistently outputting some of the most impressive scientific glass bongs and bubblers. And they have done it again with this Mini Upright Bubbler. It will always stand with sturdiness on any flat surface, thanks to its wide and circular base. The side carb allows for an easier, more controllable, and more comfortable inhale. The Mini Upright Bubbler is affordably priced and extremely effective. Who doesn't want a piece that will get the job done, while looking sleeker than ever?

The Grav Labs Mini Upright Bubbler comes in 2 colors: black or clear. The black color has accents on the neck and downstem, and has a white Grav Labs logo. As for the clear color, the entire bubbler is transparent except for the logo. Its logo has a blue and white color scheme.
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