helix flare bong by Grav Labs
helix flare bong
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grav labs bong
helix bong by grav labs
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venturi chamber
Grav Labs

Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Downstem


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The Helix line by Grav Labs features their fascinating "Venturi Chamber", and this bong is no different. On top of a can style base, the Helix area has angled tiny holes that cause a smooth mix of air and smoke for a tastier hit. This also results in a cool, cyclone-like effect while you inhale. The Helix Flare Bong comes with a 14mm male bowl which fits perfectly into the 14mm female joint of the water pipe. This joint is attached to the fixed downstem located in the can chamber, combining with the "Venturi Chamber" for further filtration. The Helix decals vary in color.

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