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Every detail of the Bubble Bumps Fumed Spoon Pipe stands out. The multiple glass bumps give the spoon pipe a unique feel that can also be beneficial. The raised glass bubbles can be found along the neck and around the head of the hand pipe. Depending on the size of your hands and fingers, these protrusions will help you keep the pipe stable when handling it. A dropped pipe is a headache for everyone as it is a complete waste. You waste time cleaning up the mess. You waste money with all the dry herbs that is now on your floor. And worst of all you waste your time. Each glass bump on the Bubble Bumps Fumed Spoon Pipe helps prevent any of these problems. A deep bowl can hold plenty of dry herbs for hefty rips. The carb hole on the side controls the airflow. Place your finger on this hole to accelerate the rate at which your herbs will burn. The hand pipe is about four inches long and is two inches wide at the head. Both the bottom of the head and the mouthpiece are both flat. This keeps the pipe from tipping over when not in use. We here at DankStop are always looking out for your herbs and wallet. Even though the pipe leaves our warehouse, we continue to care about it. Every Bubble Bumps Fumed Spoon Pipe is made with fumed glass. Choose the overall hue that is expertly blended with the fumed glass. The golden amber takes a backseat to the other colors when in darker lighting.  Fumed glass is a very interesting material as it changes the more you use it and the light in which it is displayed. Watch the colorful changes while you enjoy the Bubble Bumps Fumed Spoon Pipe.

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