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"Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit


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Designed by VS, the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is a true herbal vaporizer. With a chamber size of about 1 gram, this vaporizer is great for use on the go. The vaporizer's sleek design makes it easy to show off at the same time. The texture on the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit provides an easy, comfortable grip. To turn on the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit press the power button five times in quick succession. Turning off the portable vaporizer is the same process. It features three temperature settings and great airflow. The temperature indicator gives you ultimate control while keeping the heating up process simple. A series of colors tell you what degree you have set the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer at. The three heat settings are 360å¡F, 380å¡F, and 420å¡F. For larger hits, use a higher setting. Want a more smooth toke? Set the "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit to a lower setting. Further explanations of operating this dry herb vaporizer can be found in the owner's manual. The manual can be found inside the vaporizer's box. The kit includes the vaporizer, user manual, cleaning brush, USB charging cable, extra screens, 2 long mouthpiece covers, and 2 short mouthpiece covers. The different mouthpiece covers fit any person's preference. It is also comforting knowing that if one breaks or you simply do not feel like cleaning, there are back ups included. It is hard to find a portable vaporizer with this amount of customization and still be inexpensive. The "Iso" Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is great for anyone starting to vape.

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